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Introduction to 3D printing for Professionals

Thinglab’s Courses aim to accelerate your learning curve to master the use of a 3D printing technology and to better understand the theories and methodologies behind 3D printing. Why not come along to one of Thinglab’s 3D Printing classes that have been specifically designed for professionals?

During this introductory course you will learn to:
  • Effectively use Makerbot software (MakerWare)
  • Scan and import parts for printing
  • File preparation for 3D printing
  • Gain insight into maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Get an overview of 3D printing, its uses now and where it may head in the future

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About the instructor:

Nigel has been involved in 3D printing and rapid prototyping technologies for many years, with experience using a broad range of 3D printing technologies in plastic and resin based (Stratasys, Objet, Makerbot) and metal printing (SLM).

He has taught both within the departments of Industrial Design and Engineering at RMIT university in Melbourne within RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct (AMP). He has instructed students in the construction and use of 3D printers, as a well as design for additive manufacture.

He has an avid passion for manufacturing and how technology can empower it.

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