Shining 3D Scanners Australia

Shining 3D

SHINING 3D® focuses on the fusion and innovation between 3D digitizing and 3D printing technology, provides integrated solutions of equipments and services to apply to the areas of industrial manufacturing, educational consumption, bio-medical treatment, etc. SHINING 3D®’s 3D digitizing technology integrated solutions have been successfully applied to numerous industries, like automobile manufacturing, aerospace, mould making, electric products, consumption goods, dentistry, orthopedics, cultural relics, sculpture, construction, energy, scientific research, vocational education, etc, helping the customers of these industries raise efficiency, promote quality and reduce losses.

Shining 3D in Australia

The Einscan Pro 3D scanner from Shining 3D is a great product, and it's already proving to be very popular in the Australian market. It's handheld, easy to use and produces high quality scans for a scanner in it's price range.

Shining 3D Printers

  • EinScan Pro The EinScan Pro is a versitle multi-functional 3D scanner that's portable and produces high-accuracy scans and is an economical solution.