Structured light scanner, perfect for scan based design and inspection applications. Scans directly into Geomagic inspection software.

Geomagic Capture for inspection is an elegantly simple solution for 3D scanning. Available with automated turntable this structured light scanner is a powerful and effective solution for inspection and product verification.

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The Geomagic Capture 3D scanner comes bundled with software which means it is a complete scanning solution straight out of the box. Scanning directly into Geomagic Verify or Geomagic Control is a truly powerful asset that sets the Geomagic capture apart from other 3D scanning solutions.

Scans can be quickly checked against CAD drawings or detailed measurements taken direction from the scan data. This is the perfect solution for CAD verification, GD & T, dimensional inspection and manufacturing quality control. Automated processes and reports mean quick results, fast workflows and cost effective quality control solutions.

An automated turntable is available for this package to reduce human interaction and streamline the scanning process. Please contact us for further information or quotation for the Geomagic Capture 3D scanning solutions.

Geomagic Capture® for Inspection
Why Thinglab?

Geomagic Capture® for Inspection - Inspect and Verify with Confidence

Top manufacturers count on Geomagic to ensure their parts fit the bill. The seamless combination of Geomagic software with an industrial-grade structured light scanner allow you to measure with confidence.

Reduce Errors and Save Time

Geomagic Capture is a powerful metrology solution that sits on your desktop, so you can check part quality quickly and fix problems fast. Get the precision and detail of blue light LED scanning, coupled with easy-to-use inspection software.

Ensure Process Consistency and Efficiency

With inexpensive, easy-to-use metrology at your fingertips, you can inspect more parts more frequently, ensuring that your products are made right every time. Scan parts made by third parties and quickly compare back to your CAD designs.

Available Packages:

Geomagic Capture® for Verify

Enables easy first article inspection, with CAD comparison, extensive geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and easy reporting.

Ideal for: Inspecting one-off or first article parts, where each inspection routine is unique.

Package includes:
  • Blue light LED 3D scanner
  • Geomagic Verify software

Geomagic Capture® for Control

Enables completely automated inspection, with powerful scripting tools that make repeated inspection of multiple parts as simple as a single button click.

Ideal for: Rapid automated inspection of multiple samples of the same part. Program it once, and let Control inspect parts automatically.

Package includes:
  • Blue light LED 3D scanner
  • Geomagic Control software

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