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"The PicoScan is a white light 3D scanner which uses a DSLR camera for data capture and is both flexible and powerful. The PicoScan is a small but powerful scanner design around the mephisto scan engine. This compact little scanner can produce high resolution scan results at a very affordable price. It is ideal for capturing small objects with fantastic detail and high resolution texture information."

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Manufacturer's Description



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Manufacturer's Description

Highly flexible and intuitive structured light 3D scanning system (dedicated PC and RapidForm XOS Software available). The Mephisto range of scanners have the capability to achieve incredibly fast, accurate and high quality 3D scanning results with a minimum of processing time and user interaction. Suitable for a variety of scanning jobs from the very small to the scanning of large animated as well as static objects.

Typical applications:
3D face capture for films and computer games
3D scanning for reverse engineering
3D scanning for architecture and heritage
3D scanning to capture small objects for model making and jewellery applications
3D scanning of objects in order to create STL/VRML files for 3D printing a duplicate piece

PicoScan is a compact, easy to use, practical, affordable 'gadget like' 3D scanner that produces high quality 3D data. A standard Canon DSLR camera combined with a Pico projector mounted on the hot shoe, is controlled by the Mephisto 3D scan engine. Very simple set-up and few clicks is all what it takes to produce outstanding 3D scans.

Mephisto Software
Mephisto software and interface is unified for all scanner versions, with some features enabled or disabled dependant on the scanner version.


Main geometry camera
Geometry resolution
Lens mount
Standard lens
Texture resolution
Projector type
Projector resolution
Projector brightness
Working range near (m)
Working range far (m)
Acquisition time (sec)
Point to point distance (mm)
Point to point accuracy (mm)
Deep scan
Turntable mode
Canon scanning
Canon EOS 1000 D/Rebel XS
968 x 644 8 bits
Canon EF
Canon kit 18-55mm Zoom lens
2.4 megapixels
Pico Projector
800 x 600
0.1 (average)
Upgrade to EOS Scan
Please contact us for specification requirements

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