4D Dynamics

Accurate, reliable and easy to use hand held 3D scanner based on PrimeSense technology. Useful for both beginners and experts, must have for any digital specialist.

4D Dynamics 3D Scanners

  • Mephisto Ex Produces unparalleled quality results, compatible with highest range competition scanners, while remaining an affordable and extremely flexible solution.
  • Mephisto EOS Very versatile scanner with a budget friendly price range. Capable of scanning small (0,05 x 0,05 M) to large (1 x 1 M) objects.
  • Mephisto CX Most versatile and popular Mephisto 3D scanner option. Suitable for high resolution 3D scanning of static and animate objects.
  • Mephisto Gotcha Gotcha is a low cost 3D scanner set-up based on the popular Primesense technology.
  • Pico-PRO Powerful, fast and affordable 3D scanner which can scan in 0.24 seconds making it perfect for scanning animate subjects.
  • PicoScan Small, affordable but powerful 3D scanner which captures high detailed scan data and high resolution texture information.