3D scanning is the process of creating a 3D digital models from physical objects or environments. There is a wide variety of 3D scanners and technologies available. We are very passionate about 3D scanning technologies (3D scanners and scanning software) and can help you identify the ideal solution for your application. If you would require further information about 3D scanners or software please contact us.

  • Artec Eva Light weight, hand held scanner which is easy to hold and to use. Can capture static and animate object with or without texture/colour data.
  • Artec Leo The first 3D scanner to offer onboard automatic processing, Artec Leo is able to provide the most intuitive workflow, making 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.
  • Artec Spider/Space Spider The Artec Spider 3D Scanner is unique new hand-held scanner which makes capturing high resolution, high accuracy, sharp edged objects easy.
  • Artec Shapify Booth The Artec Shapify Booth is 3D body scanning and selfie making automated machine. Use it to sell hundreds of high quality personal figurines every month.
  • David SLS 3 The scanner is mobile and can be positioned easily in front of the surface to be scanned.
  • David SLS 2 DAVID Structured Light Scanner is an afordable easy to use 3D scanning system that allows you to scan a range of diffent sized objects in high resolution
  • Geomagic Capture Geomagic Capture and Capture Mini are a family of powerful, integrated scanners and software systems for professional Scan-Based Design and quality inspection.
  • EinScan Pro The EinScan Pro is a versitle multi-functional 3D scanner that's portable and produces high-accuracy scans and is an economical solution.
  • Scan Reference Scan Reference is fully integrated in Artec Studio and is compatible with Artec3D scanners including Artec Eva and Spider.
  • Mephisto Ex Produces unparalleled quality results, compatible with highest range competition scanners, while remaining an affordable and extremely flexible solution.
  • Mephisto EOS Very versatile scanner with a budget friendly price range. Capable of scanning small (0,05 x 0,05 M) to large (1 x 1 M) objects.
  • Mephisto CX Most versatile and popular Mephisto 3D scanner option. Suitable for high resolution 3D scanning of static and animate objects.
  • Mephisto Gotcha Gotcha is a low cost 3D scanner set-up based on the popular Primesense technology.
  • Pico-PRO Powerful, fast and affordable 3D scanner which can scan in 0.24 seconds making it perfect for scanning animate subjects.
  • PicoScan Small, affordable but powerful 3D scanner which captures high detailed scan data and high resolution texture information.

Which 3D Scanner is right for you?

Artec Eva 3D
Artec Spider 3D
Geomagic Capture 3D

Artec Eva 3D Scanner

  • Quick, textured and accurate scans.
  • Eva doesn't require markers or calibration.
  • High resolution and vibrant color

Unlimited applications, Scan small objects with complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs.

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Artec Spider 3D Scanner

  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • Quality texture
  • Real time scanning and alignment

No calibration, no markers and only 1 USB cable

Perfect for CAD, Quality Control, CG...

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Geomagic Capture 3D Scanner

  • Powerful, integrated scanners
  • Six application-specific configurations
  • Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Integrated scanners & software systems for professional Scan-Based Design & quality inspection.

Compact, Ultra-precise blue light LED scanner.

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DAVID SLS 2 3D Scanner

  • Precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds
  • Innovative Structured Light technology
  • Well-proven DAVID software

High-precision and high-speed 3D scanning at an unbeatable price.

Experience the innovative DAVID SL scanning system.

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