UP Plus 2 is an upgraded desktop 3D printer based on its flagship product UP! Plus, and it is designed to provide easier printing experience for general public. People who are using 3D printer on the market always need to tinker with their printer, and find it too complicated to fine tuning the machine before have it working properly to print a good part. With the newly introduced automatic platform calibration system, Delta Micro Factory (PP3DP) continues to lead the 3D printing trend and delivers a friendlier 3D printer, UP Plus 2, for everybody that requires very little knowledge of 3D printing.

The latest UP software version 1.19 software includes these features:

  • Thin surface printing.
  • Pause printing at a certain height.
  • Shell printing on Mac
  • Various bug fixes and other usability improvements.
Why Thinglab?
Manufacturer's Description

Why Thinglab?

Thinglab is the home of 3D Design technologies in Australia, with our wide range of solutions we can help engineers and designers succeed through innovation. With our powerful solutions and expertise in the leading 3D design technologies will give you an edge in your project:

Integrated workflow solutions for business and education

Don't forget the GST, delivery and import costs

Australian warranty and tech support provided by experts

Training delivered by specialists for all skill levels

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Stock held in Australia for fast delivery

Manufacturer's Description

The printer is very low cost, and still come with value gift packs, such as AC adapters, tools, a spool of 1.5 lbs ABS, a set of digital models of assembled parts and more. $0.02-0.05/cm3 operation cost will greatly save the operating cost.

Best 0.15 mm accuracy

The toughness of ABS model equals to 30% of injection parts, which can be served as end-use parts directly. And its best accuracy of 0.15 mm enables models produced by the UP 3D printer can be used as assembled parts. A good example is some parts in the UP 3D printer are produced by the printer itself.

In addition to similar features with the Up Plus, the Up Plus two comes with:

  • automatic platform leveling calibration
  • automatic platform height calibration.

Portability & Ease of Use

Super light under 5 kg.With its smart size (245 x 260 x 350 mm) and 11 lbs weight, the UP! 3D printer can be packed in a common suitcase. Everyone is able to carry it easily. Also, after loading the digital model, the UP! 3D printer can work independently without computer. Automatic support generation. No training or previous expertise required.Anyone can operate it as easily as a common paper printer. Just load the UP! software on your computer and the printer start printing. With automated material loading device, the model build process requires nothing from you.

Office/Home Friendly

No special power and other devices required. No special power and other devices required. The UP! 3D printer is quiet, safe, odor free and requires no cleanup after each build. The small footprint leaves more spare space for your creativity.

Open System

Direct observation. Users may enjoy the magical additive process of how a digital model be transferred to a solid one. Also, if any design problems, they can be found and corrected instantly, so as to cut weeks off your design cycle.

UP! 3D Printing Software

UP! functions include:

- STL input and UP3 output

- 3D viewing

- Model transform( Move, rotate, scale)

- Automatic and manual models placement

- Fast and automatic support generation

- Model slicing

- One-touch printing

UP! software simplify all steps in 3D printing process, helping you print 3D model conveniently.

1)Integrate all step of 3D print. Load STL and press “Print”, you will get a solid model after a few hours.

2)The simplest 3D print software. Everyone can use it in several minutes.

3)Extremely user-friendly, mouse operation and big icon toolbar control all functions.

4)A few parameter need input.

5)Automatic generate support struction and supports can be removed easily.

6)Error-tolerant slicing Algorithm, most stl errors do not need repair.


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