UP by Tiertime 3D Printers Australia

UP by Tiertime

Chinese 3D printing solutions giant, Tiertime have a very impressive line up of desktop 3D printers in their UP series. The UP 3D printers are renowned for their ease of use, reliabilty and of course affordable price tag. They are perfectly suited for education or home use where budget is limited and a small build volume isn't an issue.

UP by Tiertime in Australia

Tiertime's UP range of 3D printers are highly competitive in the Australian market. We have sold the larger UP BOX to architects and designers, it's slightly larger build volume and lower price tag for it's class makes to very appealing.

UP by Tiertime 3D Printers

  • UP BOX Designed specifically for professionals, the larger print volume and greater speeds make it hard to beat.
  • Up Mini 2 The UP Mini 2 is perfect for novices to professionals, ready to use out of the box and highly reliable.
  • Up Plus 2 A classic prosumer 3D printer in the UP series, it is one of the most popular 3D printers in the world.