Powder Printer New Release: Blueprinter M3

We have produced amazing results from the Blueprinter M2, The New Blueprinter M3, low-noise with clean lines and more power. The Danish 3D printing pioneers launch the next generation of the Blueprinter.

The M3 is user-friendly and makes no more noise than your standard 2D printer.

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The Blueprinter utilizes the unique SHS (Selective Heat Sintering) technique to fuse layers of thermoplastic powder. SHS uses thermal print heads to selectively sinter each layer of powder one layer at a time to build a full bed of printed parts. Powder based printing technology gives the freedom to build almost any shape without the concern of support structures. Parts can be packed and stacked in the volume to optimise the build for the most efficient 3D printing.

SHS technology is the most affordable way of producing thermoplastic powder 3D prints. It is the lowest cost printer in it class and with a 90% recycle rate of powder the cost per part is significantly lower than similar technologies.

Blueprinters thermoplastic powder produces high quality prototype parts that are accurate, strong, flexible and stable. Blueprinter parts are perfectly suited to a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, engineering, industrial design, art and education. Parts are used for applications that require flexible clips, locating features, bosses, complex geometries and much more.

The Blueprinter is perfect for use in the office so is perfect for small companies or departments within larger organisations. To find out more about this revolutionary technology or get a quotation for your requirements please contact us.

Blueprinter 3D Printer
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Blueprinter 3D Printer


The Blueprinter provides the lowest Cost of Ownership in themarket. The groundbreaking technology, inexpensive off-the-shelf parts, and 90% recyclable printing powder reduces the cost of 3D printing to a fraction of the price of similar printers.

Easy to use

With little or no training, anyone can use the Blueprinter via a,web-based interface. Unlike rival cupboard-sized 3D printers the Blueprinter is conveniently installed in the office or the lab, according to your wishes. It functions quietly and smoothly and unlike many similar 3D printers does not need separate facilities for installation.

Anything is possible

There are no limitations to the shape and complexity of the objects you wish to create with the Blueprinter. You can print multiple objects at the same time producing solid functional samples and models for professional use in a vast range of enterprises and industries.

Thermal Printhead

SHS™ technology uses a thermal printhead as opposed to a laser in SLS machines. The thermal printhead applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber.

100% Web Based

Design and construction is controlled via a browser which works on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Free Forming

Blueprinter works by applying heat on layers of thermoplastic powder allowing the free forming of any complex geometrical shape with the minimum wall thickness of 1 mm.

Load and Print

Simply press Print when ready. Blueprinter is ready for use five minutes after finishing the previous 3D print.


  • Build chamber (mm): 200 x 157 x 150 (X * Y * Z)
  • Printing speed: 2-3 mm/hour
  • Layer thickness: 0.1 mm
  • File formats: STL
  • Printer dimensions (cm): 113 x 50,5 x 59 (W * D * H)


Thermoplastic powder optimized to work with SHS™ Technology. Monocrome white. Unused powder is re-usable. No need for additional support materials models being built are supported by the powder in the build chamber

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