We have some of the best 3D design tools available for the producing highly complex, organic 3D models. Unique 3D software solutions controlled with haptic (force feedback) devices which allow the user to create and manipulate models in a unique way. This means that new workflows can be created to make model production or editing more efficient and effective.

These systems are perfect for creating models from scratch, modelling on or around geometric shapes, editing existing CAD and manipulating scan data. If you are interested in working with 3D scan data take a look at our 3D Scanning Software.

If you would like any information about 3D Design tools or 3D scanning software please contact us.

  • FreeForm Modeling and Modeling Plus Unique touch-enabled solutions for fast 3D modeling of complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes for manufacturing.
  • Geomagic FreeForm A unique touch-enabled solution that facilitates fast 3D modeling of complex, highly detailed, organic shapes for prototyping or manufacturing.
  • Geomagic® Claytools® The Claytools system includes the Geomagic Touch haptic device, i.e., a true 3D interface with force feedback that enables you to use your sense of touch to create virtual clay models.
  • zSpace 3D holographic display The zSpace System comes with a high definition stereoscopic display. It rendering full resolution images for your eyes and tracking your head movements to create a smooth parallax experience.
  • Phantom Premium Haptic Devices The Geomagic® Phantom® Premium™ (formerly Sensable Phantom Premium) haptic devices fulfill the requirements of a vast range of research and commercial applications.