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Industry Success Stories

  • Brooklyn Technical High School

    Brooklyn Tech students pursue majors from biomedical engineering to architecture to social science research, but first they take a course in Design and Drawing for Production.

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  • Orbotix

    When we started Orbotix, I was building all the Sphero prototypes with paper clips and brass and stuff like that, and you can only go so far,”

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  • Matthew Sleeth

    The Generative Freeway Project is a self-generating sculptural installation that ‘builds’ itself by way of a prototype 3D printer.

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  • Buildings designed today may not open for a decade, so architects make models to help people understand the future.

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  • Francis

    The Bristle Dress is Bitonti’s second work of couture developed in his New Skins computational design workshop and made on a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.

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Some of our Clients

  • Academy-of-Interactive-Entertainment
  • Auckland-University-of-Technology
  • Australian-National-University
  • Bunbury-Cathedral-Grammar-School
  • Curtin-University-of-Technology
  • Deakin-university
  • Edith-Cowan-University
  • Macquarie-University
  • Sunshine-Coast-Libraries
  • Universiti-Teknologi-Malaysia
  • flinders-university
  • griffith-university
  • james-cook-university
  • monash-university
  • rmit-university
  • royal-perth-hospital
  • swinbourne-university
  • university-of-adelaide
  • university-of-canberra
  • university-of-melbourne
  • university-of-newcastle
  • university-of-queensland
  • university-of-sydney
  • university-of-tasmania
  • university-of-western-sydney
  • woodvale-college